Sublimation is transparent ink that becomes part of the fabric or surface that is being Sublimated without added texture. Full color images are possible with sublimation, however the design must be a darker design that the material it is being placed on. Light colors and white are able to produce fabulous full color results, or a darker shirt with a bleached space for the design. Care instructions are simple- wash warm, tumble dry warm.

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Direct to Film

Direct to film is an opaque water based ink and heat activated adhesive applied to a clear film for application. The film is removed after it is pressed. It has a smooth thin feel similar to a vinyl or a single color screen print. You can achieve crisp, full color images on any color substrate because it utilizes white ink. Best practice care instructions are: Turn inside out to wash, lay flat or hang dry.

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  • Sublimation Designs

    Full color design options no additional textrue added

    easy care

  • Sublimation design

    on tie dye bleach tee

  • Direct to Film Designs

    full color opaque designs

    any fabric content

    smooth to the touch

    wash inside out, line dry

  • Direct to film design

    on v-neck tee